Castle Island

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    Castle Island and Pleasure Bay are delightful.

Flat Stanley

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    Flat Stanley visits Boston, February 2009



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30 pounds in 5 months! That's awesome. Whatever you're doing, you're on the right track.

I totally get the flossing accomplishment too. I never learned good dental habits as a child, so I have developed them in fits and starts as an adult. When I realized that flossing makes the dentist visits hurt less, I became a convert, LOL. When I found out last spring that I needed a root canal, I was highly offended. But why are we here if not to experience new things? Happily, it wasn't the trauma it's cracked up to be (except for the bill).

Have a happy new year, my friend. :)


This is your best post EVER! :) Keep it up and Happy New Year!

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