Castle Island

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    Castle Island and Pleasure Bay are delightful.

Flat Stanley

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    Flat Stanley visits Boston, February 2009



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I am so glad they didn't have a cat hoarder... although I wouldn't be shocked if there was a cat in that last guy's place. I save a lot of stuff and have a very disorganized basement but I do manage to get rid of stuff every so often. We try to sort through the books every year and give some to the local AAUW group's book sale. Of course we probably buy even more books at the sale than what we gave away.(I totally understand the book hoarder... He seems pretty normal compared to the other 3.) I have a few trash bags started of toys to go off to charity or to freecyle.

I have the button collection started by Great Grandma and added to by Grandma and then by me. It is rather neat to play with. J. took 100 buttons to school for the 100th day of school celebration... made me realize how many there must really be in that container. I do save some rather odd things. I have a couple of boxes of stuff for future art projects like toy parts and test tubes... and then there is the art paper and fabric collections. I have a box of baby clothes I want to turn into art quilts or something. I gave most of the other baby stuff away. I feel better about my "collections" because they are in boxes.

I can kind of rationalize the saving stuff idea as some sort of primal thing... I don't really understand living in the complete and total filth that the last guy lives in. Did you see the thickness of the dust?


To be fair, it's very difficult to dust clutter. His kitchen really got to me, though.

I bet J. loved the 100 buttons thing. His whole days must've been spent counting.

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