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We were Bubs worshipers. They were consistently the best of the ones that came through. Something about guys that sing... they only need to be slightly cute... and they are worshipped. We recently got an e-greeting from Conn with a Beaux version of the alma mater which is a truly horrible song.


Is Conn's alma mater worse than our high school one? "Moments at M____ High/every smile or tear you cried. Each new day a pattern weaves/red and golden memories."


Okay so this is what they sent me which I think is the original alma mater...

But then on the site is a slightly different one that she who shouldn't be named helped write...


The original version is actually not bad. It sounds like a lot of alma mater... what the hell is the plural of "alma mater"? Anyway, it's not all that wildly different from, say, Wellesley's. (I can't find a link to the lyrics, unless you want to go through the full text of Florence Converse's "The Story of Wellesley", available at Project Gutenberg.)

She-who-must-not-be-named's version, on the other hand, sounds like a Soviet Worker anthem.

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