Castle Island

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    Castle Island and Pleasure Bay are delightful.

Flat Stanley

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    Flat Stanley visits Boston, February 2009



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Hmm... I have a feeling the child molester band director had a different step/yard ratio... why am I not surprised? I don't remember because frankly I wasn't good at the whole thing.

Copacabana makes me think of the Muppets!


The Muppets make me think of Mahna Mahna.

Now I've got that stuck in my head.


I was stuck behind the middle school's marching band today when I left the in-laws house.

They essentially live in a neighborhood identical to our parents house with proximity to the H.S (the middle school is next to the h.s.).

I was quite impressed - they were really into practicing. Very cool...I watched for a while (not that I had a choice i was stuck behind them).

It was neat...

For the record - both Copacobana and Mahna Mahna make me think of the muppets!!

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