Castle Island

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    Castle Island and Pleasure Bay are delightful.

Flat Stanley

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    Flat Stanley visits Boston, February 2009



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AJ, the little sister

"Among the things to love about Heroes is Hiro (Masi Oka), a charming, goofy fanboy who talks about his destiny, the heroic code, the heroic journey, etc., with all the seriousness of any goofy fanboy."

He is so adorable!! I absolutely agree. I don't watch Heroes religiously (at least not yet...), but I also enjoy the show - although, I suspect I'd find it much more amusing if I were more privy to the insider view of comicbook heroes!!!!


I have only seen bits and pieces and find Hiro to be the best... although the freaky artist is interesting... I saw the part where the flying guy showed up at the diner. Hiro cracked me up. The "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" thing is already annoying.

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