Castle Island

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    Castle Island and Pleasure Bay are delightful.

Flat Stanley

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    Flat Stanley visits Boston, February 2009



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Yeah. That really is a weird list. I really don't understand why anyone gives a $@#& about Paris Hilton.

Your links are interesting. I would be pretty clueless about other bloggers. I have to go back and look more. I had no idea ebay was run by a woman. Gee, you would think they would pick her at least?


Many bloggers posted lists of girl geeks that would've been better than CNet's. Esther Dyson came up on just about everybody's list. Among the names I suggest are Mena Trott (she co-founded and runs Six Apart, which brings you such fine blogging products as Movable Type, TypePad, and --via acquisition-- LiveJournal), Meg Hourihan (she co-founded Pyra Labs, which developed the Blogger software), Caterina Fake (co-founded Flickr), and Gina Trapani (edits software & productivity blog Lifehacker).

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